Verge Outside 60 Foxgrove Road

We are dismayed to learn that a telecoms company is planning to make a formal application to erect a 17.5m phone mast (and cabinet) on the verge outside 60 Foxgrove Road. We will be objecting to this immediately and also to any formal application if it is ever made.

To understand what 17.5m looks like, your average 3 bed semi is only about 9m high, so this mast is truly enormous!

The principle issue is the negative impact in the Conservation Area when the mast could be sited in BPP where it can be easily disguised amongst trees (although whether that would be acceptable is another matter).

General principles of mast siting

Letter to Local Councillor

Details of mast installation

Below we publish (with permission) Cllr Tickner's objection to the mast:-

Dear Julia Shepherd

Your Ref: CTIL_ 30420200

Thank you for consulting local councillors about this proposal. Whilst the need for more and better mobile communications apparatus is acknowledged, the 17.5m height and siting of your mast and cabinets will be an intrusive neighbourhood eyesore and resented by local residents. Your proposals do not contain any undertaking to minimise the visual impact; for instance, by painting the mast and cabinets camouflage pattern dark and light greens.

Nearby is Beckenham Place Park where the ground height is similar, and your TEF apparatus could be positioned amongst trees that would greatly reduce the visual impact. I assume positioning your proposal in the Park would add to your costs, and so you choose the roadside for your own convenience of construction and maintenance, disregarding the harm you are doing to the ambiance of Foxgrove Road and the negative impact on owners of nearby homes and their property values.

I also point out that the proposal is on the very bend in the road where it is more likely your equipment may be damaged by a vehicle leaving the carriageway. This is unwise. I request that you seek a better site.

Yours sincerely

Michael Tickner

Councillor Michael Tickner Copers Cope Ward, Beckenham London Borough of Bromley