Who owns what in Madeira Avenue?

(Note: the information in this article reflects the general situation as we understand it and does not refer to any specific property. For specific details, please consult the relevant property deeds.)

Have you noticed how the land is fenced on the downward (west) side of Madeira Avenue from the junction with Highland Road to the first house on the west side?

On the map above, you will notice that some gardens in Farnaby Road have a small strip of land at the bottom of the garden, some of which have been highlighted in red.

What are these little strips?

We understand that when the actual road of Madeira Avenue was improved, it was in effect in the front gardens of the existing houses in Madeira Avenue and the then owners were concerned that houses would be built on the opposite side of the road which would block their view. So, the original owners kept a small strip of land (known as a ransom strip) on the other side of the road which would stop the owners in Farnaby Road building in the back gardens of  Farnaby Road.

Over the years, ownership of this land has become confused in some cases. Some strips have been sold to the Farnaby Road owners, some have been taken over by the council and some, we imagine, are in limbo.
If anyone has any more detailed information on this situation we would be pleased to hear of it.