Update 13 August 2013
The Appeals have been dismissed so the proposed changes will not go ahead. The main reason was the unacceptable affect that would have been caused to 13 Elstree Hill. A download of the Inspector's decision can be obtained here.

Italian Villa
As expected, an Appeal has been lodged against the Council's Refusal of the earlier application to turn this property into flats and an office space. We will provide further details of this Appeal shortly, along with instructions on how to be involved.
Details will be NOW available at the Planning Inspectorate ref 2186452, which link will open in a new window.

The Appeal will be by way of 'Written Representations' and what this means can be found here  (opens in a new window). You may want the Inspector to visit your property to see the impact this application will have on you. Information about this is here (new window). Interested parties (ie residents who complained) will be contacted shortly by Bromley. However, initial indications are that further objections need to be sent to the Inspector by 18 February. Details about how to do this will be provided by the Council but are also available by the above links.