Flooding in Farnaby Road – 28 July 2014
According to a report on the London Borough of Bromley’s problem reporting site, after the heavy rainfall on Friday 25 July 2014 there was considerable flooding across Farnaby Road. It ran across the road, over both pavements and into front gardens and covered the area from around number 161 to near 173, and the other side of the road as well.

Farnaby Road – 27 July 2014
According to Bromley Town Conservatives, a number of Farnaby Road residents have raised "growing concerns" about speeding vehicles on the road. Councillor Michael Rutherford has now tweeted:

Great news for the people of Farnaby Road (and surrounding area) – your new speed deterrent will be installed next week.

This would appear to comprise a vehicle activated sign (VAS). These signs work by lighting up with the speed limit when cars approach it going above the limit (which will be 30 m.p.h. in this case). This is known to impact driver behaviour by encouraging them to take note of their speed and adhere to the limit.

If you have any questions with this approach, you can contact them on: