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The society is run and supported by a dedicated group of hard working individuals, listed below, comprising Officers and Road Representatives. They are available for help but do please try to solve any problems first by using the 'Problems and Crime' page.

Please email us, or contact your Road Rep. For membership details or Join Us here.

Chairman                         Clive Lees                       

Vice-Chairman                 Beatrice Osborn           

Secretary                           Judy Adcock                  

Treasurer                          Dave Wiltshire              

Auditor                              Alan Williams                          Contact

Planning                            Paul Osborne               

Newsletter                        Euan McMaster           

Roads and Traffic            Markku Syväniemi      

Tree Warden                    Monica Wiltshire         

Webmaster                       David England             

Membership Sec'y           Linda Muller                

Beckenham Place Park   Liz Logan/Euan McMaster or


Hon. Legal Advisor          Richard Thomas                   Contact

LBBRF                                Judy Adcock                  

(London Borough of Bromley Residents Federation) Delegate

Road Representatives

NB: Addresses for road representatives appear in our Newsletter and some email addresses are above. Alternatively, please contact for details.

Bromley Avenue / Grasmere Road                                                    Quinton Schönknecht

Bracken Hill Lane and Close / Highland Road                                 Linda Muller

Coniston Road / Ullswater Close                                                        Sandra West

Downs Hill / Crab Hill                                                                            Wendy Watmore

Elstree Hill / Erin Close / Hillbrow                                                       Mick Pinson

Farnaby Road (1–81)                                                                             Anna Koffer

Farnaby Road (82–194)                                                                         Kay Shaw

Madeira Avenue                                                                                     Judy Adcock

Oaklands Rd / Spencer Rd / Hawkshead Close / Lull'ton Garth  David Page

Ravensbourne Avenue (Evens)                                                            Monica Wiltshire

Ravensbourne Avenue (Odds)                                                             Sharon Miles

Ravensmead Road                                                                                  Peter Saunders

Warren Avenue                                                                                       Clive Lees

Calmont Road / Ashgrove Road / Belgravia Gardens                     Rita Smith