Amended constitution - Updated 30 March 2021

A further revised version of the new constitution showing our new name is available from this link. The only change is to the name and related issues – nothing is changed in all the clauses.

New constitution - Updated 24 February 2017

At our AGM on Thursday 3 March 2016, we adopted the revised version of the new constitution which is available from this link. The only substantive difference is that we now specify:

  • Anyone resident in the Area and over 18 is eligible to be a Member. 
  • One full membership subscription shall cover all residents over 18 at the same address.

New constitution - Updated 8 March 2015

Our old constitution from March 1995 is available from this link.

At our meeting on Thursday 3 July 2014, an Extraordinary General Meeting, we voted on the proposed new constitution which is available from this link.

At our AGM on Thursday 5 March 2015, we adopted the revised version of the new constitution which is available from this link.