(Please note: this is a 'third party' initiative which RVR accepts at face value)

The NHS Wellness Box initiative was set up after Seena's husband, Vishal Patel (a hospital consultant), described the difficulties being faced by the frontline NHS staff following the arrival of COVID-19 upon our shores.  Seena lives in the RVR area.


Vishal witnessed a substantial decrease in morale and a rise in fatigue amongst his peers, junior doctors, nurses and support staff.  


Their wellbeing is greatly affected by working longer shifts, barely eating or hydrating properly and working within highly pressured and stressful environments.


In spite of the challenges that COVID-19 has resulted in, NHS staff from all parts of the service have been coming together do their best for their patients.  


Therefore, Seena and Vishal decided to come together as a community and support NHS staff by creating the #nhswellnessbox as a way of meeting the most essential needs following a long shift in the hospital.  Seena is  coordinating for the Kings College Hospital and the PRU.


The NHS Wellness Box is an A5 size box which contains a combination of the following:


  1. Disposable Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  2. Travel size Toiletries (Hand cream/body cream/body wash/deodorant/lip balm/face wipes)
  3. Non-perishable snacks (dried fruit/ protein bars/cereal boxes/soup or noodle packets/crisps)
  4. Tea/coffee/milk packets/sugar packets
  5. Treats (Mints/boiled sweets/chewing gum/chocolate)
  6. A thank you, ‘pick me up' note, children’s picture
  7. Individual sized packet water/drink


There will also be a note from the “take ten together” group on how to support wellbeing for the frontline staff during this challenging time (please see example below).


Each box costs approximately £7 to create, including the box itself to the items contained within.  


We are collecting donations of the above items (to be dropped at my address 171 Farnaby Road in the porch)  as well as monetary donations through our Facebook and Just Giving pages:


Please give generously to support the extraordinary work of NHS staff


Below are  pictures of what we have packed already for Kings College Hospital.