20 November 2022 - our Planning Officer has captured the history of the Goan Playing Field, along with the context of what's happening now and why it matters.

Possible developments

At the end of July 2021 we noticed that the owner of the Goan Playing Field is once again speculatively looking to develop the site. See the owners website here. The land was bought for £23m in 2018. Going by previous comments, the site could have a Gross Development Value of £312m which suggests the price of the land of a 'mere' £23m reflects a number of significant barriers to development:-

First the land is Metropolitan open land ('MOL') and Public Open Space which affords a high degree of protection from development

Secondly, it is below the level of 'high tide' in the river and at high risk of flooding - the land is 'zone 3' and likely to flood more often than 1 in a 100 years (and that's before climate change).

Thirdly, the land is identified as possibly needed for a future flood alleviation scheme where water is stored temporarily to prevent down stream flooding.

We believe that finance is currently being sought for this venture but given the obstacles development seems unlikely.

Update: The speculative proposal below has disappeared from the owner's website.

Massive proposal for flats on Goan Ground next to Millwall Ground – 20 June 2019

One of our members spotted a huge development (312 apartments)  being proposed for the Goan ground. 
At the moment it looks purely speculative – possibly to ramp up ‘hope value’ for the land. However, it is still very concerning:


Ravensbourne Rivers

The site at Ravensbourne Avenue is nestled in a quiet residential area in the heart of Bromley. Formerly used as a Sports Pavilion, the site spans approximately 27,500sqm and is in close proximity to Ravensbourne station, which backs onto Beckenham place gardens [sic].


The current proposal seeks to accommodate the construction of 312 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, all of which will be private gated for additional security. In addition, there is a generous space that will accommodate a variety of commercial buildings, which will benefit the community by offering local amenities such as a Gymnasium, Spa and Convenience Store.

We are not aware that this is yet a planning application, but clearly things are in hand.

In the meantime, a notice (made out in the wrong name) has appeared on the fence:



London Borough of Lewisham
To: River Ravensbourne Rivers Limited
FORMAL NOTICE: to secure the removal of an obstruction from a public right of way. We are satisfied that the obstruction is within the scope of section 137 of the Highways Act 1980.
Status and location of the highway: Public Right of Way across Warren Playing Field running south east to north west from Ravensbourne Avenue towards Calmont Road
Location of the obstruction: Warren Avenue Playing Field. Also known locally as Goan Playing Field
Description of the obstruction: Metal Palisade Style Fencing
You have been named as a person who
  • may be responsible for the obstruction; or
  • is the owner of part, or all of the obstruction; or
  • for the time being has possession or control of the obstruction, or
  • may be required to remove the obstruction
The Authority requires you to remove the obstructions within 28 days of the date of this notice If you are responsible for the obstruction, you should write to the Authority to confirm that the obstruction has been, or will be removed and the proposed date of removal.

Signed         Date 13/06/19

Playing field next to river Ravensbourne – 15 September 2017

The playing field sometimes referred to as ‘Goan’ or ‘Times’, being names which referred to previous owners, has recently been in the spotlight as it has been partially fenced.

RVPS has seen documents dated 7 August 2017 from the Land Registry showing that the current owners are three individuals living nearby and certainly not The Times newspaper group which is suggested by the new sign on the new gate.