Advice for volunteers

Please have regard to this advice

Please see this video

 Handling  Money - see below


    1. Keep safe, follow the government guidelines
    2. Carry I.D and call ahead
    3. Keep an auditable trail of any transactions involving money, for your own safety, and be transparent in what you do, with  someone else involved in checking what you are doing.
    4. Don’t accept gifts or any item from the shopping but you can accept payment for mileage at 45ppmile if offered.  Keep a record!
    5. Be mindful of GDPR issues:- In particular, don’t hold lots of people's information and don’t share it without asking permission again. Be extra careful not to record sensitive datasuch as medical issues
    6. Obtain a shopping list – notate with a reference such as Mr P or Mrs C, but do not take personal data especially medical issues
    7. Shop and obtain a receipt
    8. Deliver the shopping with the receipt
    9. At the end of each day, keep a record of what’s been done

MOST IMPORTANTLY:- if you suspect that someone you are helping is at significant risk of harm, including having no money please contact or bromley Council

Paying for goods or services

If someone is self-isolating, volunteers may pay for the food, other household shopping, medicines (prescription or otherwise) or other services. This is different to volunteer expenses.

  • It is up to the volunteer if they wish to give their bank account details to the person they are helping, so that person can repay them by bank transfer.
  • Volunteers can give receipts of any purchases made to the person who is self-isolating
  • If you are worried about handling money from those who are self-isolating, consider contactless payment methods such as such as cheque or online payment (eg using Paypal).
  • If you are handling cash, wear gloves and/or make sure you wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission. Alternatively, use anti-bacterial gel and always keep your hands away from your face.