59 Warren Avenue

Erection of elevated rear garden patio area with level access decking floor area and steps with balustrade and gate and privacy screens (part retrospective) 23/02344 - details can be found here.

The refusal of permission for this application has just been appealed.


However, it is unlikely to succeed because of a previous comment from the Inspector who dismissed the appeal on the previous application 20/03647 


‘Taller boundary treatments to maintain that privacy would likely have an overshadowing and overbearing impact.’



In 23/02344, the boundary fence has been made taller to address privacy concerns re No 61 (the reason the Appeal was dismissed) but by doing so, the application immediately bumps  into the quote above. It is clear that the original Inspector thought a higher fence would be unacceptable so we expect this second Appeal to be dismissed for this reason. As ever, though, one can never be sure with Inspectors!


If the second Appeal is also dismissed, the development will, almost certainly, have to be reduced significantly in size